Transit Flights

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What is a Transit Flight?

Mustang Flights Australia has the unique ability to be able to offer the rear seat to members of the public whilst travelling to Airshows or other Aviation Events.

By riding with us to an Airshow you will experience one of the rarest opportunities available and help preserve this piece of flying history for all to enjoy.


Transit Sectors Available

We are heading to RAAF Base Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Airshow. Saturday and Sunday 9-10 November 2019.


SECTOR:  Cessnock – Griffith

Date:  8:30am 5th November 2019

Flight Time:  1 hour 35 minutes (approx)

$5500   PRICE REDUCED!! NOW $3800

Help us begin the trip to Adelaide and ride along on the first and longest sector. This is great value for money and a great opportunity to experience the Mustang.

Depart the Hunter Valley as you head towards Mudgee then turn left and head towards Griffith. The views of the NSW countryside are breathtaking.


SECTOR:  Griffith – Mildura

Date:  12:20 pm 5th November

Flight Time:  1 hour 10 minutes (approx)

Price:  $3750   


SECTOR:  Mildura – RAAF Base Edinburgh (Adelaide)

Date:  4:00pm 5th November 2019

Flight Time:  1hour (approx)

Price:  $3500  SOLD

Help us complete the journey to Adelaide. Land at RAAF Base Edinburgh. This is a very special and rare opportunity. To flying into an operating RAAF Base in an ex RAAF frontline fighter is not something that is normally available to civilians.

Don’t miss this!


SECTOR:  Parafield (Adelaide) – Mildura

Date:  9:30am 13th November 2019

Flight Time:  1hour (approx)

Price:  $3500  SOLD


SECTOR:  Mildura – Wagga Wagga

Date:  12:30pm 13th November 2019

Flight Time:  1hour 30 minutes (approx)

Price:  $5500  SOLD


SECTOR:  Wagga Wagga – Wollongong

Date: 12:00 25th November 2019

Flight Time:  55 minutes (approx)

Price:  $3400  

This is the final leg of our trip to the RAAF Edinburgh Air Show. Fly into the picturesque Shell Harbour Airport at Albion Park, Wollongong. Albion Park is the home of HARS, the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society. The aviation museum here is a must for any aviation enthusiast.


So How Does it Work?

Whilst en-route to an airshow the Mustang will make several stops for refuelling etc. These stops form the sectors available to you. As the lucky passenger you will be met at the designated airport by the support crew or the Pilot and introduced to SNIFTER, the Mustang. You will be given a flight suit and helmet to wear for the flight and briefing. Once the paperwork is done its time to strap in!

As you will imagine, all sectors offer spectacular scenery and the opportunity to be part of a unique flight experience behind the legendary 1490HP Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 as it powers our iconic P51 Mustang “Snifter” (actually built as an Australian CAC18 Mk21) – one of the most significant aircraft of all time.

The flight profile can include aerobatic manoeuvres to taste and provides you with the opportunity to feel what it was like to fly in this renowned machine as those young men did as many as 75 or so years ago.

* Getting to and from the points of your departure and arrival will be via your own arrangements.

How Do I Buy a Transit Flight?

On the booking page select the Transit Flight Tab and choose the sector you would like to purchase. 

Please contact us if for more information about the transit sectors via the form below. Each sector is tailored to the operational requirements of the mission.

If your budget does not cover the BUY IT NOW, use the contact form to submit an offer.

As you will see, we are offering the transit flights at a considerable discount to the normal rates – all funds go to keeping this iconic aircraft flying so it may be enjoyed well into the future.


Enter your details below to register your interest in any of the available transit sectors.

By registering you will be offered exclusive first opportunity to purchase transits for future events before they are advertised to the public.

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